This is the Nordic Song Festival and our vision

Nordic Song Festival

The vision of the Nordic song Festival is:

Strengthen and spread knowledge of the unique song treasure —  romances, folk songs, opera, choir works and jazz – with their roots in Nordic tonality and Nordic languages;

Do research with the purpose of finding material in the archives and other places; material that may have been forgotten, hidden or unknown, and work with it and publish it in future editions;

Strengthen the cooperation between now living composers and authors seeking inspiration in Nordic tonality – both to reinterpret  existing works, but to a high degree enabling them to create new works of art;

Strengthen the Nordic languages and further the insight in the unique cooperation between music and language – through teaching of text analysis and  through experts concerning expression and pronunciation. A phonetic guide to all the Nordic languages is on its way.


“The Nordic song, the Nordic tone resounds in all of us – and we have to care! I want to create a place where we can meet around the song and everything that ties us together as” North-born “. At the same time, I also want to build bridges between Nordic tones and the next generation of vocal songs, composers and artists. “
//Gitta-Maria Sjöberg
Founder of the Nordic Song Festival



The Nordic Song Festival aims to expand the festival to include all the Nordic countries.
In the autumn of 2014, the non-profit association for the festival was formed. With a board consisting of important bransch capacities from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, as well as representatives from widely differing sides of business and cultural life. The board is actively working on a number of measures to establish Nordic Song Festival both as a movement and a brand. This is to both attract and retain investors, and to become a key knowledge and development center for Nordic song treasures. The next step is to include Iceland in the festival so the circle about a Nordic song festival will fulfill. Nordic Song Festival is dependent on financial support. That is why we are very grateful for the financial contributions we receive from our sponsors. It is together we create joy through music! 




Nordic Song Festivals Visions:

  • Strengthen and spread knowledge within the unique Nordic Song treasure. Romances, songs, folk songs, opera, choral works and jazz – with roots in Nordic tonality and Nordic languages.
  • Research with the aim of finding material in archives and other places. Material that is either forgotten or unknown, and bring it to life once more.
  • Strengthen the collaboration with currently living composers and writers who seek inspiration in Nordic tonality – both to reinterpret existing works, but also to be able to create new works.
  • Strengthen the Nordic languages ​ and explore the unique collaboration between music and language – by teaching text analysis and current pronunciation – with experts within the field.


This vision rests on an intense belief in the repertoire of inspirational power now and in the future.